The French Tech in Austin is a Franco-American Tech community, based in Austin, gathering entrepreneurs, top executives, investors, engineers and public leaders.

Austin has all the benefits of a large metropolitan area, and yet maintains a close-knit sense of community that makes its entrepreneurial culture unique. Austin’s early tech companies, such as Trilogy, IBM, and of course its home-grown Dell Computers (Michael Dell started the company in his dorm room at the University of Texas at Austin after all,) led to a wave of successful serial entrepreneurs who keep starting companies and then selling them. They are now paying it forward: investing locally, mentoring new generations of entrepreneurs, and making civic engagement a priority.

Take Josh Baer: recruited out of Carnegie Mellon, where he had already launched his own startup, to come to Austin to take a chance on a  company called Trilogy Inc. with their incubator program. Seeing how teaching people to make money, and not for other people, led to creating Capital Factory, right in the middle of the 2009 economic crash. Capital Factory now has partnerships and receives delegations and journalists from all over world wanting to check out the 55,000-foot co-working space with stunning views over downtown Austin and the capital, 900 events per year, and 40+mentors.

Innovation exists even in the non-profit sector. Black Fret was born out of a need to support our unique Austin vibe, which is grounded in the collaborative spirit of the musicians who have called Austin home for decades. Black Fret sells (tax-deductible) memberships to support a program that awards grants to musicians for recording or other business ventures. The huge upside for members?  Private concerts by the best of Austin’s musicians in funky venues around town.

There’s just something special about Austin: where BBQ, breakfast tacos, and blues and country bands co-exist with AI engineers, vintage video game meetup-ers, and “Dellionaires.”


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